Monday, 22 February 2010

A visual update

Sorry its been so long ! but here is a visual update of the year so far

New year and the fireworks, and a couple of Chinese lanterns for good luck,
A little working lunch 
A working trip to the Capitol ( shopping can be considered as work on this occasion)
More Snow
Another working Lunch !
the small matter of Valentines !!
Even more Snow.
An little window dressing.

The sharp eyed amongst you may have noticed a recurring theme .. SNOW!
could someone please tell the met office that we are not in Klosters and that
we have most certainly had ENOUGH of the white stuff for at least a year 

Please let it be spring ??!! 


Flower Design Events said...

It's spring here on the coast honest! nice to see you back!

Unknown said...

Hello Hills Florist...are the roses in the picture a black or red. If so would you please share. I have i bride that liked them.

Adam Hill said...

The Roses are Red , they are called Naomi , similar to Grand Prix but in my humble opinion ... much nicer

Unknown said...

Thank you!!! I will see if my suppliers have them.