Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Only for the finest Knockers !

Why not festoon your Knocker with one of these gorgeous door wreathes. !
A real treat at this festive time. However you may have to watch that Rudolph doesn't pinch the Satsumas on Christmas Eve ! 
Order yours now and save on the carrot for Santa's Reindeer !

Monday, 24 November 2008

Let It Snow

Unfortunately we have not had any snow in the latest BIG CHILL !!  So we thought we would sprinkle a little of our own. 

Our latest Christmas window is full of the stuff . Oh and a few carol singers as well. 

Snowball fight anyone ?

I think it could be time for the first medicinal Sherry of the day !!

Monday, 17 November 2008

Let festivities commence

Did someone mention Christmas ?

I got a bit snap happy at work today, I thought I would share the results.

One or two christmassy things
Some more christmassy things

Even more christmassy things

Did I mention, we are now  taking orders  for christmas delivery , I realise that you probably 
don't want to know that at the moment, but trust me on the 23rd of December you will wish you had taken my advice and booked early !! 

Friday, 14 November 2008

An Army marches on its Stomach !

Oh yes, We can most certainly confirm the accuracy of the statement. 

We do love our food, anything with a high calorie and carb content , Preferably smothered in chocolate, and at this time of year washed down with a Medicinal Sherry ! Mmmm did someone mention Mince Pies, home made of course. ! ( who needs Mr Kipling)


Mele kalikimaka !!

Yes I know, I'm impressed with my grasp of Hawaiian too. For those who have not seen "National Lampoons Christmas Vacation" it apparently means "Merry Christmas To you"

I do realise that I am a tad early with the festive greeting, but Christmas has officially arrived at Hills Florist. 
We have decked the halls with all manner of festive decorations, not least Holly, and we've been busy creating all kinds of Christmas wreathes , garlands and decorations. We couldn't contain our excitement a moment longer, so we put out our annual Christmas extravaganza for all to see. 

We Hope it gets you in the mood !!     
for Christmas of course