Sunday, 29 March 2009

Black & Ivory Wedding

The flower for Jim & Julie's Wedding where a pleasure to make. A small and intimate wedding with close friends and family, the theme was Black & Ivory,  the look was simple and elegant. 
In Julie's bouquet we used white Calla lilies, Avalanche roses, white m
ini Gerberas & Dendrobium Orchids, with s few black and ivory feathers and black chrystals. 

Julie wore a floor length black gown, with an Ivory sash, and she wanted  a long, elegant shower bouquet to complete the look.
A simple tied posy of Akito & Avalanche roses , with paper whites,  freesia, Stallion chrysanthemum and Dill.  
a simple and yet romantic bouquet, beautifully scented and timeless.
Finished with ivory voile ribbon and black pearl pin studs

Simple, yet stylish.

Thursday, 26 March 2009

Easter eggs !

Being  a bunch of food fans, we are greatly looking forward to Easter and all those chocolate eggs, well actually, I prefer a good sturdy bar of chocolate, and its usually much easier to unwrap.  although a chunky gold box of Godiva chocolates would be even better. Anyway enough about chocolate, 

We have turned a little corner of the shop into an easter bunny's paradise !

Eggs in trees, spring bulbs, jugs with spring flowers and of course Chocolates,  although if your watching your wait, perhaps the flowers or spring bulbs would be a better option !!
Lets face it, Easter can't come soon enough, I just hope the easter bunny knows where to leave our chocolate, I have postponed my diet (again) in anticipation !!

Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Mothers Day at Hills florist (part 2)

Lots of lovely flowers all arranged and ready to be delivered to the lucky mum's of Orrell and Wigan. 
The shop was full of flora and fauna , all wrapped up and ready to go
Orange trees, sumptuous hand ties, vases and jugs filled with all kinds of scented and aromatic flowers and foliages.

Flowers galore 
Oh and not to mention a customers or two. !

Phew ! now where did I put that sticky bun and can of red bull ! 

Saturday, 21 March 2009

Mothers Day at Hills florist

Early starts  and late finishes have been the order of the week. so when the first of three large deliveries arrived , we where already a bit bog eyed !

We couldn't wait to start arranging the oodles of gorgeous flowers that arrived. The Cool room was literally bulging , just enough room to slide in sideways.

Let the fun commence !

Saturday, 14 March 2009

Mums The Word

Buying a mothers day gift for the woman who has it all ?  Then here is the answer to your prayers.

Calorie free, fat free, no artificial colours or preservatives, no batteries required, and no self assembly needed !! 

You don't even have to get up off the sofa, you can order the perfect mothers day gift on our website

Once you have placed your order, sit back and relax, safe in the knowledge that you have actually  remembered to send a gift this year !! ( Don't forget the card )

and since you wont need to be rushing around like a mad thing on mothering sunday morning, you can look forward to a long and well deserved lie in, unless that is your mum rings to say thank you at 8.30 in the morning !!!

Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Mothers Day Window

As I said in my last post , we have the sunniest spot in Orrell and today the sun shone beautifully, so we decided to stay in our present location after all.

To this end we decided to put a Mothers Day window in , well actually we did it a few days ago but I have only just uploaded the pictures.

We have gone for a cottage garden look, jugs, tins, candles and all manner of cottage garden flowers.

So a message to the lovely mums of Orrell, we hope you can find a little something you like, feel free to send in your little ones ( with a grown up)..... or large ones (on their own)  and we will help them choose something lovely for you 

Our mothers day range is now available to view and order in store and will be on our website from Thursday 

If your loved ones live far and wide why not email them this link

Friday, 6 March 2009

Relocation Relocation Relocation

In view of our recent wether conditions,
we have been discussing the possibility of relocating to a sunnier location, 
and since  we already have the sunniest spot in Orrell we had to broaden our search

Perhaps here ?

Here ?

Or Here , 

We don't mind the exact location as long as its sunny, sunny and most importantly sunny !  this spot looks just fine, not sure the flowers will be too happy..... but worry not we will love it. 

Even better, we could sip on a "Sea Breeze" whilst arranging all manner of tropical flowers. 
although what would we do with our extensive selection of Thermal Underwear ? 


Today in the shop we have been sponsored by the colour PURPLE 
we arranged purple things

Purple Anemones, Trachelium, Aconitum, Tulips and Stocks.

We where even listening to Purple Rain by Prince !

Prince got a bit irritating , to say the least so to calm things down 
we had a Hot chocolate ( out of a purple Cadburys tin) and a bar of lovely chocolate in a purple wrapper. mmMMMmmm.