Wednesday, 25 February 2009


Here is one of a pair that we made up earlier.... Please note ... a quick message to anyone directed here, expecting a different type of  "Jugs"  you may be disappointed , this is not that kind of blog. 

This is a lovely cream milk jug that we have filled with scented spring flowers and Sweet Avalanche Roses. 
Its a sneak peak of our Mothers Day selection, Ideal for the woman who has everything.

We will be in high level, closed room, development workshops over the next few days to create the rest of our range. 
In simple terms we will be perusing and arranging a selection of gorgeous flowers and suitable containers over a cup of tea and a chocolate digestive
Hard work, but someone has to do it !!

Friday, 20 February 2009

Is It Spring Yet ?

This was the question posed by one of our lovely customers, as a beam of sunlight light, hit a six foot square patch of pavement outside the shop. Still slightly dazed by the glare I replied ........ "No, I think its about three damp days at the end of April" but for a very brief moment it really felt like Spring !
 By now a crowd had gathered outside, I thought for a moment that someone may pull up a deck chair to catch a few rays !!... However, this being Orrell and not Blackpool the sun had soon disappeared and there was no  deck chair to hand...
This very unusual climatic event inspired us to create all manner of stunning Spring bouquets, that literally flew out of the shop.
We used Hyacinths, Anemonies, Prunus , viburnum, Tulips, Roses and Orchids to name but a few. 
We are hopeful that we may have another similar climatic event tomorrow
We have more spring bouquets on stand by ... Just in case !!

Monday, 16 February 2009

Flower arranging master class

A master class in arranging a selection of flowers , just like these

First select your vase, or container. here we have chosen one of our stunning LSA hand made little numbers, but an old jug will do just as well

Then choose some lovely fresh flowers, here we have Daffodils and Viburnum, but the choice is yours

Then, using all your powers of artistry and creativity ,  skillfully plonk them into the said vase or container.
Now sit back and enjoy the fruits of your labors , this is a good time to slurp on a cuppa and tuck into a bar of something covered in chocolate,  

Impress all your friends with your amazing floral artistry 

If all else fails ... Pop into Hills and we will create something gorgeous for you instead, you can even take all the credit, we won't tell ...... honest !

Sunday, 8 February 2009

A Valentines message !

A message of reassurance to all our male customers ... Don't be shy, embarrassed, nervous, or awkward about ordering flowers for your loved one ( or two if your lucky)

You can order by phone or on our website , or in the shop, you can even wear a disguise if you like, although No Borat costumes please, there will be nowhere to keep your wallet and you will definitely need that !! 

and dont worry about your message..... we have heard the lot, we cannot be shocked although we may have a little titter. 

However in the interest of decency if your message contains "Percy Filth" please write it yourself and seal the envelope, Our lovely hills florist Girls may blush if asked to write details about position of the fortnight and a fruit sorbet !

Thursday, 5 February 2009

New LSA Vases Arrived

We have just taken delivery a gorgeous new selection of LSA glassware. Its in stock now, just in time to go with that huge bunch of valentines roses you've asked for.
A quick tip, .....why not buy a new LSA vase and leave it in full view  with a little "post it" note saying "Roses in here please" ! ....... "or your guts for garters"...    

"Garters"  ... now that's a completeley different blog.

Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Project Snowman... Cancelled

I thought it was too good to be true, the promised snow never arrived, even worse the rest has melted .... Project Snowman is now on hold probably until 2015 !

Monday, 2 February 2009

Blizzard Conditions

At home on the range, we had what I could only describe as  "Blizzard Conditions" .... ok, I exaggerate slightly, but as an avid snow fan imagine my delight as I discovered that all ten snowflakes that fell overnight had managed to stick. I was however,a little miffed when I heard that according to news reports London was under nearly a foot of snow, but hey I'm not greedy, 
this is the first lying snow that I can remember in about five years. Usually it either melts on contact, turns to rain after about ten seconds, or someone throws water on their windscreen and leaves a stinking great hole in it. 
Even better ... according to the Met Office (the BBC weather report) there is more snow on the way. Please note.. I will take this forecast as a guarantee and will be straight on the blower to complain if we don't get any more of the white stuff (snow that is). 

In these rare climatic conditions it is usual that "PROJECT SNOWMAN" is implemented, If successful I will post pictures of the result.