Saturday, 27 December 2008

Party Flowers

Yes, we have unwrapped all the presents, eaten the turkey, pulled our crackers and some of us have even been kissed under the mistletoe. So we would like to say a big  THANK YOU, to all our lovely customers from near and far who very kindly brought us cards and gifts, we very much appreciate it. 

We thought it was probably time for a few new pictures, so here are some snaps of  some party flowers at Houghwood Golf Club, for a gorgeous party later tonight.

The theme was Christmas,of corse.  We used Roses and Amaryllis with lots of Festive foliage and berries. 
We arranged them in tall wine glasses with Gold willow, baubles 

and some artificial Snow !

Saturday, 20 December 2008

14 Hour days

Today started at 5am when I was awoken to the sound of  "The Killers"..... that's the group, not some crazed maniacs. Everyone got into work at 6am, and we started making up gorgeous Christmas orders almost straight away.Throughout the day a non-stop stream of festive customers has kindly visited our shop to make all manner of festive purchases. One lady, who had obviously been on the sherry even asked if we sold stamps ! We politely pointed her towards the Coop across the road.      Our favorite thing today has been Ilex, we have used it in almost everything. It has plump, red berries and a bare wooden stems and looks great in just about anything. however I can confirm that it doesn't make a great addition to a cup of tea !
In what seemed like a couple of hours it was already time for lunch !! hmmm, two sittings so that we could keep the customers queuing in an orderly fashion. 
Then it was back to making wreathes an pots, the demand was so great that some of us stayed behind, but only after we had managed to politely push out the final stray customers at 6pm.
We worked away at a pace, helped by Red bull , and with the support of Abba !! ...for a brief moment it sounded like Abba had re-formed and where doing an impromptu performance in our workroom, but it was Maria getting a bit carried away ( apologies to our lovely neighbour )
In no time at all it was 8:30pm and we decided we had better trolly off  home and get some shut eye ! Being a Florist is Just Great !

Saturday, 13 December 2008

It Could Be YOU !

Yes, you could be the recipient of one of these gorgeous gifts, but you may have  to drop a few hints to get one ...... "Oh I've not had flowers for ages" .... or perhaps a little less subtlety,..... " I would love some flowers for Christmas" .... If all else fails then may I suggest a more direct approach - " GET ME ONE OF THESE" !  
In any event you can order one on our new website you will find lots of tempting floral gifts, for just about any occasion Order yours soon, to avoid disappointment. Please note that due to a prior engagement santa will not be available to deliver your order, but don't worry we have a team of jolly delivery  drivers standing bye. Ho Ho Ho !

Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Make Way for the Tree.

At home, we have put up the tree. I say tree, but really I mean Giant Redwood !.... 560 lights and countless baubles later it looks mighty fine.In the process, we have moved several pieces of furniture, totally obscured a window and  had a squirrel removed by the RSPCA, but hey ! its Christmas.  Mulled wine anyone ?

Flame Grilled Cake , Anyone ?

Fire department on standby , stand well back, use the safety touch paper, do not return to the cake once lit ! 
Yes I'm afraid to say it is that time of year again, Hurrah !! tomorrow I am the birthday boy, no insults allowed, by order of The Management. However you know your getting on a bit when the  candles on your cake can be used as an alternative source of thermal energy ! All gifts will be graciously accepted, especially  those covered in chocolate, but anything insulting will be flogged on ebay  !!!!!

Kissing Balls !

For those poor souls who don't have a sturdy door knocker, on which to hang one of our gorgeous wreathes, here is a great alternative. 
A kissing ball, or Christmas pomander. Why not hang one on your hanging basket bracket, if you've not been hit by the credit crunch , why not hang a pair ! Best of all they are artificial and so you can dust them down and stick them up again next year. 

Thursday, 4 December 2008

Stocking Fillers !

Why not ask Santa for one of our stunning Christmas designs. If you've been really well behaved, you may just be in luck. However it is most unlikely that we, or for that matter santa, will be able to get them down the chimney, so be a love and open the front door.  

 Orders now being taken, by phone, email, in store and via the North Pole !!

Wednesday, 3 December 2008

A Working Lunch ?

This is the lovely Mrs Wilkinson our head of finance and all things financial.  She is pictured here in her office,  fielding all kinds of financial calls , whilst doing all manner of financial things. I think its called multi-tasking !! Not something I'm familiar with.This is her happy face, which usually means that invoices have been paid, However for those late payers amongst you she has a very different face !! Its much too scary to post here. 

Baby It's Cold Outside !

At home on the range, the big chill finally arrived. We where promised some snow, but all we got was a touch of frost. No, not David Jason in an old coat, but  good old Jack Frost I think I will write to the met office and complain. I had stocked up on all kinds of edible treats in the hope we might have been snowed in !! 

Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Beyonce & Kylie

Yes our very own Claire aka Beyonce, with more curves than a F1 race track and the lovely Trish, aka Kylie. small but perfectly formed !
Pictured here before the normal two hours in hair and makeup, looking a little giddy, I have been assured that they are sipping some sort of herbal tea !!!!

Fashion Tip- The Layered Look Perfected !

This is the lovely Maria, arranging yet another stunning creation, whilst modeling the "layered Look"Yes, the two jackets fingerless gloves and woolly scarf are her normal winter apparel. Being half Spanish , she feels the cold more than most. 
However, for two weeks in August she throws caution to the wind and doesn't bother with the scarf or gloves !.... How very rebellious !!