Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Spring Flowers

Spring is a wonderful time for fresh flowers, and it dosen't have to be daffodils and Tulips.

Gorgeous Ranunculas in bright yellow, pink and orange, they look stunning,  just placed on their own in a glass vase. 

Crisp white Lilac, yes it is available in lilac but it's pictured here in white


Veronica, in white, pink or lilac.
There are lots of different choices, that can help make the perfect treat for yourself of a gift for someone else.

However we would suggest if you would like some gorgeous spring flowers of your own, drop a big hint, show them this blog, send them a picture, .... and if all that fails, then use any means at your disposal to get what you want !!

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Flower Design Events said...

I love the photos they are really fresh and beautiful, flowers look seriously beautiful too!