Thursday, 22 January 2009

Bring on the Brandy

Yes, I think I have finally been struck down by Man Flu, and judging by my cough, I fear that I may also have a collapsed lung. (Any get well gifts will be graciously accepted) So it is with a steady hand and all the strength I can muster that I am sipping a medicinal Brandy. Shockingly, I have been told by some of our female members of staff, that man flu is nothing more than a light cold and will pass very quickly !!   

Fortunately I was the recipient of  a "Man Flu" survival kit for christmas. Unfortunately I tried ringing the enclosed bell for assistance for over an hour, but to no avail. I suspect the bell may have been sabotaged !!!!!


Flower Design Events said...

I very much hope you are feeling better soon, we have a dinner date in March and I wouldn't want to catch it!

Adam Hill said...

Thank you Jane, Im feeling better already, It must be the Brandy. I think you will be safe after all.