Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Accidental Photo Art !

I accidentally managed to take these "arty" shots with my camera a Canon G9. 
 It was not through any great skill or camera trickery,

I simply had a coughing and sneezing fit whilst taking them. 
Unfortunately my Man Flu has not yet subsided , despite consuming  most of the Boots- cold & flu medicine's counter. I think, reluctantly I will have to  have another "Hot Toddy".... or perhaps two !!!


Flower Design Events said...

Love the photo's you are a clever boy! now I'm worried that you are starting to enjoy (more than you should) your Hot Toddy cure all, my fear is that, you, dear Adam are becoming indulgent of the flu condition, just shake it off and get on with the business of Flowers, the very best cure all of all!

Adam Hill said...

I Think you may be correct, !!!

Rumour has it said...

Fantastic close-ups you made!!

Joan -BORNAY- said...

Very good photos!