Friday, 16 January 2009

Going Green - Seeing Red !

I was disappointed to  learn that the good old tungsten light bulb is going to fall foul of yet another European directive, leaving only the new space age energy saving thingamajigs. 
In an attempt to do our bit for the environment I fitted one of these gizmo's to the light fitting on our stairs at home. I was quite pleased with myself. I would be saving a fortune, and according to the label, it would last me well into 2020 !! .   I switched it on with eager anticipation. After about 10 minuets there was a faint gloom bathing the stairs and landing. After what seemed like an hour there was enough light to see the bottom of the stairs, although it was like looking into an abyss.  I thought for one moment that I was on the set of a Victorian costume drama, but NO, this was meant to be progress !

I quickly realised that If I needed the loo in the middle of the night I would have to switch the light on a good 20 minuets before I had to dash, otherwise I would probably go head long down the stairs. In addition if I wanted something from upstairs in the evening I had better take a torch, by the time the light came on I would have been up and back down again. 

Then there is the cost to the NHS, people in dimly lit rooms stumbling over all manner of hidden objects, Then weeks in traction and not able to see to read the magazine that someone kindly brought you. !!!

I am sure that in the long run we will burn far more electricity and loose great swathes of rain forest because you will need four of these things on continuously to do the job of one good old tungsten bulb. Is this really progress ? 

Apologies for my rant, normal flowery blogs will resume from tomorrow !!!

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