Friday, 20 February 2009

Is It Spring Yet ?

This was the question posed by one of our lovely customers, as a beam of sunlight light, hit a six foot square patch of pavement outside the shop. Still slightly dazed by the glare I replied ........ "No, I think its about three damp days at the end of April" but for a very brief moment it really felt like Spring !
 By now a crowd had gathered outside, I thought for a moment that someone may pull up a deck chair to catch a few rays !!... However, this being Orrell and not Blackpool the sun had soon disappeared and there was no  deck chair to hand...
This very unusual climatic event inspired us to create all manner of stunning Spring bouquets, that literally flew out of the shop.
We used Hyacinths, Anemonies, Prunus , viburnum, Tulips, Roses and Orchids to name but a few. 
We are hopeful that we may have another similar climatic event tomorrow
We have more spring bouquets on stand by ... Just in case !!

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