Monday, 2 February 2009

Blizzard Conditions

At home on the range, we had what I could only describe as  "Blizzard Conditions" .... ok, I exaggerate slightly, but as an avid snow fan imagine my delight as I discovered that all ten snowflakes that fell overnight had managed to stick. I was however,a little miffed when I heard that according to news reports London was under nearly a foot of snow, but hey I'm not greedy, 
this is the first lying snow that I can remember in about five years. Usually it either melts on contact, turns to rain after about ten seconds, or someone throws water on their windscreen and leaves a stinking great hole in it. 
Even better ... according to the Met Office (the BBC weather report) there is more snow on the way. Please note.. I will take this forecast as a guarantee and will be straight on the blower to complain if we don't get any more of the white stuff (snow that is). 

In these rare climatic conditions it is usual that "PROJECT SNOWMAN" is implemented, If successful I will post pictures of the result. 

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