Monday, 16 February 2009

Flower arranging master class

A master class in arranging a selection of flowers , just like these

First select your vase, or container. here we have chosen one of our stunning LSA hand made little numbers, but an old jug will do just as well

Then choose some lovely fresh flowers, here we have Daffodils and Viburnum, but the choice is yours

Then, using all your powers of artistry and creativity ,  skillfully plonk them into the said vase or container.
Now sit back and enjoy the fruits of your labors , this is a good time to slurp on a cuppa and tuck into a bar of something covered in chocolate,  

Impress all your friends with your amazing floral artistry 

If all else fails ... Pop into Hills and we will create something gorgeous for you instead, you can even take all the credit, we won't tell ...... honest !

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Flower Design Events said...

I love it, the first photo is gorgeous!