Wednesday, 3 December 2008

A Working Lunch ?

This is the lovely Mrs Wilkinson our head of finance and all things financial.  She is pictured here in her office,  fielding all kinds of financial calls , whilst doing all manner of financial things. I think its called multi-tasking !! Not something I'm familiar with.This is her happy face, which usually means that invoices have been paid, However for those late payers amongst you she has a very different face !! Its much too scary to post here. 


Livvster said...

Loving the blog - less keen on the photo!! I like the 'my office' comment!! It's true I do shop a lot but I do come in to work from time to time too!!! For anyone that doesn't know - I'm very part time...xx

Flower Design Events said...

Lavinia you look great, your bro is doing a pretty fine job of this blogging lark! Love Jane