Saturday, 20 December 2008

14 Hour days

Today started at 5am when I was awoken to the sound of  "The Killers"..... that's the group, not some crazed maniacs. Everyone got into work at 6am, and we started making up gorgeous Christmas orders almost straight away.Throughout the day a non-stop stream of festive customers has kindly visited our shop to make all manner of festive purchases. One lady, who had obviously been on the sherry even asked if we sold stamps ! We politely pointed her towards the Coop across the road.      Our favorite thing today has been Ilex, we have used it in almost everything. It has plump, red berries and a bare wooden stems and looks great in just about anything. however I can confirm that it doesn't make a great addition to a cup of tea !
In what seemed like a couple of hours it was already time for lunch !! hmmm, two sittings so that we could keep the customers queuing in an orderly fashion. 
Then it was back to making wreathes an pots, the demand was so great that some of us stayed behind, but only after we had managed to politely push out the final stray customers at 6pm.
We worked away at a pace, helped by Red bull , and with the support of Abba !! ...for a brief moment it sounded like Abba had re-formed and where doing an impromptu performance in our workroom, but it was Maria getting a bit carried away ( apologies to our lovely neighbour )
In no time at all it was 8:30pm and we decided we had better trolly off  home and get some shut eye ! Being a Florist is Just Great !

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