Friday, 6 March 2009

Relocation Relocation Relocation

In view of our recent wether conditions,
we have been discussing the possibility of relocating to a sunnier location, 
and since  we already have the sunniest spot in Orrell we had to broaden our search

Perhaps here ?

Here ?

Or Here , 

We don't mind the exact location as long as its sunny, sunny and most importantly sunny !  this spot looks just fine, not sure the flowers will be too happy..... but worry not we will love it. 

Even better, we could sip on a "Sea Breeze" whilst arranging all manner of tropical flowers. 
although what would we do with our extensive selection of Thermal Underwear ? 

1 comment:

Rumour has it said...

Why don´t you come to Bruges/Belgium (the most romantic town in the world! No, indeed, it´s not Paris) and bring the sun with you?? :)