Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Mothers Day at Hills florist (part 2)

Lots of lovely flowers all arranged and ready to be delivered to the lucky mum's of Orrell and Wigan. 
The shop was full of flora and fauna , all wrapped up and ready to go
Orange trees, sumptuous hand ties, vases and jugs filled with all kinds of scented and aromatic flowers and foliages.

Flowers galore 
Oh and not to mention a customers or two. !

Phew ! now where did I put that sticky bun and can of red bull ! 


Flower Design Events said...

The shop looks fantastic Ad,I hope you were really busy!

Jason Thompson said...

Hi Adam, jane always seems to get the first word in, but i have not seen your shop for ages and i think it looks great. now to more important matters , when are you coming for dinner?

Joan -BORNAY- said...

here in Spain the mother's day is the first sunday of May. We hope that everything has been OK, you did many bouquets!