Friday, 2 October 2009

Bridal Bouquets

We have been making a selection of sample bouquets for brides in 2010, and after taking some snaps we realised that there is a bit of a white theme going on.

Calla lilies, with snow berry and China grass with a bit of bling

Close up "bling" Shot

Gorgeous tones in this bouquet, with Ivory Calla, Avalanche and Metlida roses, hydrangea and pink snow berry,

A simple bouquet of Calla lilies , with China grass, Panicum Grass and Aspidistra leaves, bound with satin ribbon.

The white theme continued !

Tomorrow we may be arranging Orange.... or .... Red , you will just have wait and see !

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Flower Design Events said...

Exquisite, I adore white!