Saturday, 23 May 2009

HRH is in town

Yes you are correct, the person resplendent in pink in the back of that car is none other than "Her Madge the Queen"

 After a visit to the Heinz factory in Kitt Green, to celebrate their 50th anniversary, she was spirited away to her next appointment in Leigh. ..... Flanked by most of the Greater Manchester constabulary with a little help from  an armed swat team, MI5 and probably MI6 

Obviously she had heard about our lovely Orrell shop, filled with glorious fresh flowers and plants and had clearly instructed her driver to go to her next appointment via our lovely shop !!

We are certain that she asked Prince Philip to jot down our telephone number as they leaned forward to get a better view of the shop !!!  We are expecting the call any time soon !!!!

Unfortunately due to other obligations she was not able to pop in for a cuppa, We suspect that she had dined on "Baked Beans" for lunch and was probably feeling a bit full. 

As you will see from my "Drive-By Photo Shoot"  the Paparazzi have nothing to worry about I had better stick to the day job........ Oh...  the phone is ringing !!!!!!